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    Death »

    Death A Moment of Clarity текст песни

    A Moment of Clarity

    I would describe it as an invisible darkness
    casting a shadow, a blinding black
    guarded by hope, my soul is kept from
    the bloody claws.

    Look beyond, what vision lets me see
    time after time, unneeded misery
    holding tight to my dreams
    I own no price for you
    I grip them tight and hope for sight.

    Open my eyes wide to see a moment of clarity
    confusion gone, it’s in your hands
    your turn to ask why.

    [Solo Hamm / Schuldiner]

    Life is like a mystery
    with many clues, but with few anwers
    to tell us what it is that we can do to look
    for messages that keep us from the truth

    [fade out solo: Schuldiner]

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