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  • Sahara Hotnights »

    Sahara Hotnights A Perfect Mess текст песни

    A Perfect Mess

    You haven’t slept
    You’ve been out all night
    You’ve seen it getting lighter
    You’re a perfect mess
    You have no regrets
    Though you look like the animal bit you

    Take one more step
    Did you just forget
    He’s at home, in bed awake now
    And you’re still undressed
    But you’re warm and blessed
    Only waiting for the final breakdown

    You’ve had your fun
    You can’t dance no more
    You’ve seen it getting colder
    Ms. All Alone can’t put her smile back on
    Now the glory days are over
    Face one more fact
    There’s no turning back
    And you can’t be under cover
    The lights are out
    But you’re wide awake
    Can’t take it any higher

    What have you done?
    You’re so completely lost in this lonely town
    Where have you gone?
    Can you find you’re way out of it on your own

    Now that you’ve blown away every chance
    You ever got
    Tell me, are you proud now
    You’re gonna reap just what you saw

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