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    N A Abolish Government текст песни

    Abolish Government

    Abolish government

    There’s nothing to it

    Forget about God

    He’s no innocent

    We live by a system

    Of perfect goals

    People vs. people who are bored and old

    Life must rest on the man who represents

    Looking for nothing in this

    Campus with just friends

    President the name

    President the label

    The highest man on the government table

    Superficial love only for a ****

    But love is incest and it’s only for a ****

    To the guys provided free

    Peace time war time country’s in vein

    All die for this land some over seas

    I live for the summons serve my country

    Army, Navy, Air Force or jail

    To the guys provided for free

    Peace time war time country’s in vein

    But that’s the American way what it is to be free

    If that’s what they call freedom it’s not for me

    Suck my mother****in’ dick

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