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    Hatesphere »

    Hatesphere Addicted Soul текст песни

    Addicted Soul

    take a look in the mirror
    reflections from a dying personality
    lights up the room
    feel cold sweat running from your neck
    when denying you were part of a psycho’s brain’s picnic
    feelings gone wonder what went wrong
    this was supposed to be a ticket to a life free from fear

    a shattered dream a moral low
    he sold your life he won’t let go
    how long did it take for you
    to believe his words were true
    he’s not a new Christ born
    described as Satan’s spawn

    the broken man will rise again inside your heart
    you’ll find the strength to beat the strain
    deny your god he’ll only feed you pain
    he’s insane

    tell me why you still deny
    your god demands you
    his will is for you to die

    his soul’s addicted to rage
    to sin to all the things that you fear from within
    (I don’t wanna die… it’s just you know… he took my life man…)

    he put your fucking life in a bodybag
    possessed your mind
    make you act real bad
    he takes control
    finds the way to your dreams

    you’re the one he wishes dead

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