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  • Dilated Peoples »

    Dilated Peoples Alarm Clock Music текст песни

    Alarm Clock Music

    Wake up! Ha ha.. Dilated, Dilated
    Y’all know what time it is, check the clock
    {*scratch repeats: "Cause this here’s alarm clock music"*}
    You hear that shit ringin
    You hear that shit buzzin
    {*scratched: "Pressin the button, they tryin to snooze"*}

    [Rakaa Iriscience]
    Ring the alarm, shoot the flare, I’m here
    Lay right there, you catch the Dana Dane "Nightmares"
    (Nightmares) They know it’s caffeine, they try but can’t sleep
    They’re hatin but they rockin to it while they count sheep
    Cause this here’s alarm clock music
    Bang along beats like a bomb dropped to it
    Pressin the button, they tryin to snooze
    But their never been a man born with time to lose

    So many freestyles I did when I was tourin
    But since I wrote ‘em down, they view ‘em as important
    I do what I want, the way I see fit
    And they think I’m from the Bay the way the flow B-Legit
    Evidence got another sound mission
    Listen, biz and pleasure, what’s the difference
    As long as the shit’s hittin, and weed’s gettin lit
    Dilated we play some Pole Position

    [Chorus: DJ Babu - scratching]
    "Cause this here’s alarm clock music"
    "Bang along beats like a bomb dropped to it"
    "Pressin the button, they tryin to snooze"

    Yeah, 16 out of 16 bars I spit are thrillers
    8 out of 16 bars you spit are fillers
    And I got these beats game tight
    Keep talkin shit, just spell my name right
    Evidence, make music, focus on the listener
    I know I’m ghetto, use speakers as air conditioners
    {*ba boom*} Feel the air blast
    It’s a hot day in L.A., right off Fairfax

    [Rakaa Iriscience]
    Rakaa, Arabic name, not a nickname
    That in the frame makes it hard to get planes
    I stay fly through the clouds of slipped brain
    Thinkin how I loved hip-hop, but shit changed
    Some say we’re too serious and conscious
    Some say we’re all battle raps and ganja
    I say in your bad dreams we’re monsters
    Ratpackin stages like Frank Sinatra


    Yeah, right now we in the zone we belong (right here)
    I let you know, right now you get warned
    Right now before I sound the alarm
    Let you know right now is the calm before the storm
    The world changed, lands got conquered
    Continents wandered, the planet got smaller
    New York at 8 o’clock then head to Cali by flight
    We got two shows, one on each coast the same night

    [Rakaa Iriscience]
    Yeah, the same fight for crumbs is not new to me
    The hood sick even with free shots immunity
    We need black and brown unity
    So we need to keep that jail shit out of the community
    Plus George got a few more years
    That’s a couple wars there and a couple wars here
    Tricknowledgy propaganda and fear
    make it hard to believe your own eyes and ears


    [ad libs to end]

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