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    Rollins Band Alien Blueprint текст песни

    Alien Blueprint

    You reached out, you got burned, made tough by the lessons you learned
    You never thought they could be so mean,
    Be so hard and cause you so much pain
    Like a fool you tried again, you really wanted to be their friend
    But looking back you see they just wasted your time (X3)
    Self loathing, the anger inside, you covered it up with pride, you always
    Found a way to
    Blame it on yourself, on yourself, blame it on yourself

    Looking back you get yourself together…
    Looking back you get to go on…
    Looking back you see that you
    Get to change your mind about yourself and you get to go on…

    So mad, so mean, the pain remained unseen
    All that time pent up wanting to explode (X3)
    What they did, the things the said, you wished that you were dead
    Anything not to have to deal with them (X3)
    They made you hate, you couldn’t wait to go out and do something great
    Turn around and throw it right back in their face (X4)

    Looking back you get yourself together
    Looking back you see all the hatred inside
    Now you see that you get to change your mind about yourself
    And you get to go on, so go on..!
    Looking back you see you just wasted your time
    Buying into the talk and the lies
    Looking back you see all you’ve got is yourself
    You can tell by the look in their eyes

    Alien man, I’m an alien man, I’m an alien man, I’m an alien man… yeah!

    Now you see how you are, the wisdom mixed it with all the scars
    Go on out and watch all the fools passes souls on by
    They never knew, they never do, it was always up to you
    You gotta go out and get it for yourself (x3)
    You never were one of them, they could have never been your friends
    The best revenge is to always survive yourself (X bunch of times)

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