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  • Rosematter »

    Rosematter All Aboard This Trainwreck текст песни

    All Aboard This Trainwreck

    Give me the medicine and Ill break the steady tides to grow old
    And brew some conversation. Messengers, we carry thoughts on paper
    Across the sea and back home again. Dont tell his lies until your broken,
    Too broke to let this bother me, Considering bulbs can break like water.
    Will you ever appear? Last chance, with my arms stretched out.
    Reality slaps me across the face. My tears stream over the brand of defeat
    That marks my cheek. Midnight has come and gone.
    Your gaze blurs my vision and interrupts my thoughts.
    The stars whisper, follow your heart. Give me a knife, and Ill show you surgery.
    Bits of my heart lay on the blood-stained carpet, youd better watch your step.
    You try to swallow your pride but end up choking on your words of regret.
    This waltz was meant for two, so dont leave me standing alone
    In the center of this ballroom floor.
    Heels click the floor softly, in time with the clock on the wall.
    Your ego cracks the walls as it swells. This argument is never-ending.

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