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    Runrig An Ubhal as Airde текст песни

    An Ubhal as Airde

    Comhla rium
    A tha thu an drasd
    Mo shuilean duinte, mo chuimhne dan
    Nam sheasamh a’ coimhead
    Gach cnoc is gach traigh
    Is an siol a dh’fhag thu ann a ‘fas

    Tha an garradh lan
    Le craobhan treun
    Le meas a’ fas dhuinn ann ri bhuain
    Ubhlan abaich
    Milis geur
    Ach tha aon ubhal nach ruig sinn idir air

    Is co ‘nar measg
    A mhaireas la
    Seachad air am is air oidhche fhein
    A liuthad uair
    A shreap mi suas
    Airson an ubhal as airde chur gu beul

    Seididh gaoth is dearrsaidh grian
    Tro mheas nan craobhan lin gu lin
    Ach thig an la is thig an t-am
    Airson an ubhal as airde
    Air a’ chraobh a bhuain

    The Highest Apple

    At present
    All you were is with me
    My eyes closed, my memory confident
    Standing here watching
    Each hill and shoreline
    With the seed you left
    Still growing

    The garden is well stocked
    With mighty trees
    With fruit growing for the whole world
    Ripe, sweet
    And bitter apples
    And the one apple
    That is beyond reach

    Who amongst us
    Can exist a single day
    Beyond our own time and our own limits
    Countless and futile
    Are times I’ve climbed
    To reach and taste
    The forbidden fruit

    The winds will blow
    And the sun will shine
    From generation to generation
    Through the trees of the garden
    But the day and the hour
    Will surely come
    To take the highest apple

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