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    Devotchkas Annihilation текст песни


    We all know it’s like a game
    Pieces of flesh involved in pain
    Day after day, same old thing
    Try different lives but always the same
    Have the time of your lives
    One more day ’till another dies
    We all know it’s bound to come
    But who would have guessed, the other side would have won

    Playing life like a movie, everone’s got their role
    Some make it big, the others pay the toll

    Time has come to stay alive
    Annihilation of our kind
    The scene is dying, maybe its dead
    Just another fucker you wanna kick in the head
    Try to find piece of mind
    Keep on trying, its hard to find
    People fuck you over the first chance they get
    Never trust no one, my mind is set
    Believe what you will, try believing in me
    I’ll tyr to take you ther to make you see
    Stop the bull shit, enough is enough
    Try to be so hard but I called your bluff.

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