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    Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Bag Lady текст песни

    Bag Lady

    Like a fly batters itself against a window
    Time and again and again it senselessly blunders
    Up and down the length of West Broadway
    the bag lady wanders

    Fifty cents rent goes pretty far
    when you live in a subway car
    One stop’s the same as another
    Even Son of Sam sees her sleeping,
    she’s not worth the bother
    Sorrow, do they ever want to cry

    Do they see us pass by
    Where do they come from (simple answers)
    Do they come falling,
    falling from the sky like rain
    Crawling up the basement drain
    Misfits and black sheep
    Former brothers, friends of mothers

    There is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow
    There is only now and that hardly matters
    No one cares about sad old ladies
    with bags full of tatters

    One day it gets a bit too cold
    Maybe a little too wet, maybe a little too lonely
    Lifelessly she lies amidst her bag world
    But maybe she’s only sleeping

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