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  • Lemar »

    Lemar Be Faithful текст песни

    Be Faithful

    I’ve got a new house with much room
    Got a lonely heart that needs you
    I’ve got two cars, i can only drive one
    Material things that can’t replace your touch

    If you wanna come
    The only thing you really
    Gotta bring is true love
    I give you my word
    I’m a man you can trust
    Everything that’s now mine
    Will become ours

    My house is your home
    You can come and go
    As long as i know that you’re faithful
    What’s mine is yours
    You can have it all
    Come sail the world
    Own all that you see
    Just be faithful to me

    Wanna take you to a
    Snow covered mountain
    So cold but the sun’s still shining
    So many wonders we can both see
    I’m praying you’re the one
    Who’ll share the memories


    Every night and every day
    Every promise ever made
    I wanna share it all with you
    Every breath you ever take
    Every child you ever name
    I wanna be there for you
    Be faithful

    [Chorus x2]

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