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  • RZA »

    RZA Bong Bong текст песни

    Bong Bong

    From: mack10 mack10@amik.ru

    [Intro - RZA] (U-God):
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, come on
    Yeah, my nigga come on
    (This is Digital, this is sizzlin
    It’s like a vamp, it’s like a genie in the land
    [Chorus x2 - RZA & Beretta 9]
    Bong bong, bong bong, BZA, bong bong, bong bong…

    [Intro - RZA] (Beretta 9):
    Come on!
    All my real niggas push up to the front (word up)
    Oh shit, look at shorty over there
    Caramel deluxe type bitch, yo

    Ain’t know she suck dick like that
    With those big fat lips and those hips like that
    She said «Bobby, why you spit like that?
    And why you Shaolin Gods push whips like that?»
    I said «Hoe, we got chips like that
    And Park Hill niggas make flips like that»
    In Grass Monkey, yea we sip like that
    And we might get drunk and empty clips like that
    Then again the Gods build like that
    Yo Kinetic, tell em son, we keep it real like that

    [Beretta 9]
    Can’t renounce all-the-timers we sip like that
    Honey-dipped blunts, we get high like that
    Yo we dipped every day, yo we fly like that
    Bitches always sayin «Why you talk like that?»
    We B-Boy niggas, you know we walk like that

    Why them R&B niggas tryin to sing like that?
    And you fake crossovers tryin to bling like that?
    You know, my clique snatch ice like that
    Take it down to the scale and get a price like that

    [Beretta 9]
    Snub in the club, don’t be nice like that
    Catch a body and escape, pull a heist like that

    Up front, up front, come on, come on

    [Chorus x2]

    Check it

    [Madam Cez]
    Y’all niggas talkin shit
    We out here tryin to get paid in a major way
    Come on

    I rock a six like that
    From my dubs in the club, sippin Cris’ like that
    Pop a bitch, turnin trick, get my ish like that
    Check the ice, lookin nice on my wrist like that
    I’m the shit like that, dicky-dick like that
    Roll with baller sheist types that be sick like that
    Set up shop on your block, flip a brick like that
    It’s the Wu comin thru with a chick like that
    Sticky spit like that, what?

    [Beretta 9]
    What? What?
    Nine inches, hoe, we packin dick like that
    Six on the dice, we rollin licks like that
    Half a mil on the deal, we politic like that
    Remember ’94, we sold mix like that

    4 Sho, the whole crew used to sling like that

    [Beretta 9]
    Indeed, you know the fam, we was the king at that

    Guaranteed, now it’s Killa Bee sting like that
    And I’ll punch you in the head with pointed rings like that
    And why’s this fuckin crab bleedin like that?
    While you crack-head bitches treatin seeds like that
    My nigga Johnny Blaze smoke weed like that
    And the Killa Bee Clan run the streets like that
    Big Bobby makin beats like that
    Platinum on the wall, son I eats like that

    [Beretta 9]
    Damn, you 85′s eatin swine like that
    We ain’t tryin to be cause y’all blind like that

    To all my thugs or who smoke like that
    And you coke-head niggas sniffin coke like that
    And you ecstasy cats poppin dope like that
    It’s all love cause we folk like that
    Guaranteed, now we bout like that
    Kinetic 9, Bob Digi

    [Beretta 9]
    Yo we out like that

    [Chorus x2]

    For y’all niggas gettin high we go like this
    Bong bong..
    Pop that shit..

    [Chorus x2]

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