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    Mitchell Tonya »

    Mitchell Tonya Broken Promises текст песни

    Broken Promises

    *VERSE 1*
    No more lonely nights
    Baby thats just what u told me
    But you’re no where to be found
    Somethings just not right
    Coz I can’t get u to hold me
    Even when you’re around
    Baby-you promised me
    That you’d always be there for me
    (Tell me)Tell me whats on your mind
    (whats on your mind)
    What happened to the «I Love yous»
    The hugs and kisses
    And the rendezvous?
    What happened to me and you?
    You said you’d never change!
    What happened baby talk to me?
    You used to be sugar sweet
    Just like candy!
    Now you’re breakin my heart
    With all your broken promises!
    *VERSE 2*
    Open up your eyes
    Baby that’s what people tell me…
    But it’s hard to let you go!
    I can’t take your lies!
    If you’re spendin time with somebody else..
    Then you gotta let me know..
    Baby you promised me
    That you’d never run a game on me
    (Tell me)Tell me whats on your mind?
    You say you’re gonna do this
    And you say you’re gonna do that
    But you never come through!
    And somethings different lately
    Coz you don’t call me baby!
    And I just don’t know what to do!!!
    *CHORUS on out*

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