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    Diary of Dreams »

    Diary of Dreams But The Wind Was Stronger текст песни

    But The Wind Was Stronger

    Wind o’ carry me away
    Guide my angels — inlink their chains
    Words find echoes in my past
    My delusion now unmasked
    I dare to touch this body’s surface
    Temptation blinding my resistance
    I could linger so much longer
    But the wind was stronger

    Yes I know my eyes are sinning
    Longing for what is not mine
    Defend her purity with mercy
    Threat my guts, cut off my tongue

    Merge my conflict with the wind
    Mesmerize my childish instincts
    Then I will not suffer any long er
    But still the wind was stronger

    My puppets, angels, dolls and she
    Staring, whispering at me
    Ready to drop — in chains paralysed
    On naked skin I feel their glares
    Embarrased of what they might see
    I cannot speak, I cannot think
    Scared to death I move no longer
    Yes, I guess the wind was stronger

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