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    Lil' Wayne »

    Lil' Wayne Calling Me Killer текст песни

    Calling Me Killer

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Callin’ Lil’ Wayne (Wayne) a…
    What? What?
    What? What?

    Hold up, you now under the deep cover of the lil’ slugger
    Callin’ me head busta
    Run with me K — blucka
    Niggas done fled from-a…
    …me infrared, sucka
    If him wan’ play, busta,…
    …come make me dead, busta
    Bein’-a half-way out my nappy head
    But I don’t care — I just grab my clip, slap and spray
    Anywhere — it don’t matter where a nigga stay
    Just believe me when I say, "Guerrilla warfare"
    I swear, it be some more drama about these bags
    Niggas in black drive Jags — camouflage rags
    Niggas’ domes get bust wide open with blood and sweat
    Niggas ridin’ off in Hummers — laughin’, drinkin’ Moette
    You know me: Colleon, standin’ four feet
    I’m to-tin’ cannons, wearin’ Rolies
    See, these lil’ boys, they ain’t really up on my game
    But once I run into that nigga playin’ with Wayne, man
    See, when I spin-a you bend then I be on you block
    But when me jump out with the chop-chop, my nogga, you drop
    Now where your niggas at, comradie? They not with you now
    I guess they heard that when I’m ridin’ I make the crew stop
    Now, is you ’bout what I’m ’bout?
    If you ’bout what I’m ’bout, you ’bout drama
    Thuggin’ in broad day with four glocks, a knife, and a chopper
    I’m runnin’ away, don’t get in my way
    My nigga!
    Callin’ me head busta!
    Callin’ callin’ me killer!

    (Hook [Lil' Wayne])
    Them callin’ me killer
    Them callin’ me head busta, Cash Money nigga
    My niggy, when I’m out late call me what you want
    Full of blunts
    Look out your window, see who in the front

    Them callin’ me killer
    Them callin’ me head busta, Cash Money nigga
    My niggy, when I’m out late call me what you want
    Full of blunts
    Look out your window, see who in the front

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Now as the heat flame up
    Them lookin’-a down the street, them think they see Wayne truck
    Him whole block don’t scare me ’cause me get me thing and bust
    Them know that Hot Boys known to be dangerous
    Now U.P.T. come down — chopper city in the ghetto, my man
    Now who that be in the car with the chopper? Oh, it’s Lil’ Wayne
    I get my K — cock, aim, and put holes in your brain
    Give me that rag, you ain’t no soldier — wipe the blood off my chain
    Gettin’ blisty…
    …off in a black F-150
    ‘Bout to do the old usual — hit your block, just spittin’
    Heads spinnin’ like a set of seventeens or somethin’
    Respect me for who I be: seventeen, head-bustin’

    (-Hook [Lil' Wayne])

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Original Hot Boy — land-cruisin’ with guns
    I shall be the one who burn the block up
    Never miss when I distribute anger up out my Cali’
    Hundred shots automatic
    Leave ya hopeless in the alley
    Now when a nigga runs up
    If the nigga love is like me would have his guns up
    Just because of the simple fact that I’m a hot boy
    that got boys that got toys to stop noise
    see when me ride off in the hummer leave him set empty
    now him catch 3 cause him want beef
    now me tried to tell the stupid boy don’t mess with me
    now look at him just open up his casket and see
    click, clack, my mac twist bout’ fifty caps to the back
    jump in the black ??? scream off and just pow pow
    how you love me now with 5 barrels to your eye
    can sing and smile and everybody gone die
    what the dealeo filla fo four clip
    yo hip flipped for running off at the lip
    who behind the gun flame blood hang and twisted
    it’s Mr. Wayne come spitting when I spin

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