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    Run Dmc »

    Run Dmc Can i Get a Witness текст песни

    Can i Get a Witness

    [Chorus: Run-D.M.C. (repeat 4X)]

    Can you kick it like I kick it when I kick this,
    can I get a witness? (Yes you can!)

    New jacks better back up, before they get smacked up
    by the R-U-N-D-M-C (that’s where it’s at cuz)
    Known as the tough cats, kickin tough rough raps
    In jeans, leather jackets, my Adidas and gangster hats
    A ??, yo here we go
    I’m tired of brothers tryin to front like they don’t hear me though
    Knowin if it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t be able
    cause I’m the man with the hand that rocked the cradle, uhh
    A lot of punk for the chunk baby that’s a bet
    Album number seven and we still ain’t finished yet
    I didn’t get old, I got better at the craft
    Sat back and watched you try to kick it but you made us laugh
    So get back, you already had your chance to dance
    You proved you had no waist to fit in this man’s pants
    Word to God, I’m back fo’ sho’
    Hollis Queens gettin wreck so act like you know


    As I spit this and get this out of my throat
    I need a witness to get with this — take notes
    Great quotes like boats float flowin so dope
    Never givin up hope, nope, know what I wrote
    I’ma saver spectator educator entertainer
    You wanna ask me, can’t be now or later
    I’m a rough rugged person, been that way from the start
    Darryl Mack got the knack to put the H in heart
    (And it ain’t no fun, to step to D and Run
    But if you wanna step up, step up and get that ass — done)
    A reporter with recorder was recordin the slaughter
    as I’m peepin ‘cross the border leapin water keepin order
    Lit it up like a spliff, get a whiff of this hit
    Cause I flick em like bits, and I bust ‘em like zits
    Dippin down to grip this microphone I rip this
    I’m glad not sad I flipped this, now can I get a witness


    Can I get a witness, can I hit a, never been ?? fitness
    Don’t play like I’m bitter, when you come with your best
    and I make a suggestion save it David with your bull
    Cause you’re full of congestion
    Soft? Never me, never get more hard
    The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, is the one Lord God
    Can I can I get a witness ?? next
    To my God, DJ Run and I kick it

    Suckers suckers suckers
    Suckers get flipped when I start to flip
    Slip in a clip when they die I dip
    Still spray a gun, see how DJ Run
    Leave a sucker stunned, gettin ill to the drum
    Mic check and I wreck and I’m second to none
    Accept it don’t regret it I expect to get dumb
    So don’t you forget this, we’ll put you on the hitlist
    to stick ya stick ya wicked wickedest can I get a witness


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