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  • Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Cat And Mouse текст песни

    Cat And Mouse

    I walked into the party
    And there you were again
    Looking so elusive
    Looking so pretend
    You smiled at me across the room
    Turned away and then
    Holding up the wall
    Continued teasing all the men

    Well I’m not interested in playing games with you
    Honey I don’t have the time
    I’m not a cat, youre not a mouse
    So please make up your mind

    Sometimes it’s nice to take the time
    To slowly work it out
    I love to flirt and I can flirt
    ‘Til I’m all flirted out
    If you want me to go away
    There’s nothing to feel hurt about
    But if you want to get laid
    I’d rather you just blurt it out


    You are like a mystery
    A challenge to unfold
    But the plot is quickly weakening
    And the drama’s getting old
    Perhaps I should be more aggressive
    Perhaps I should be blunt
    But you just seem so terrified
    Of getting what you want

    ‘Cause honey you’ve got sex appeal
    Written on your baby face
    And your arms and legs and hmm hmm hmm
    And every other place
    But hot and cold, then cold and hot
    Really drags out the chase
    And I’ve begun to think
    Perhaps you’re just a basket case


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