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    La la la
    La da da da da
    (what unhuh what what what un)
    La da da
    La da da da da
    (unhuh what un)

    Verse 1
    Remember when you said you loved me
    And you said you wanted me
    That night in Philly
    Used to call me Poppie
    And I called you Mommie
    Crystal and c.d’s
    Let you hold my car keys
    B.N’s with C.C’s

    Now you wanna front like you don’t know me
    Girl you act like you don’t know me
    Now you’re hangin out with celebrities
    When I see you, you be all low key
    Now I’m not the one with the P.H.D
    Look at you actin’ all shady
    I just knew you when you were chasin’ me
    Now you’re hangin’ out with celebrities
    What, what, what, what
    (what, what, what, what)3x’s

    Verse 2
    Treated you royal
    And I used to spoil ya
    I paid your bills on-your motorola
    I flew you over-enchanted waters, like a true balla
    Where is your morals, you used to be loyal


    (See I was the one)
    I was the one who dropped you off when your ass didn’t have a car
    And I was the one who gave you money, you was broke without a job I was the one
    Who paid your bills when you said your load was off
    (it was off)
    And I was the one who worked to
    Jobs to help you pay your taxes off


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