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    Ruben Studdard »

    Ruben Studdard Change Me текст песни

    Change Me


    [Verse 1:]
    How would you like it if I talked about your skin
    The way you wear your hair (Oh girl)
    Would you like it if I talked about your butt
    Or once a month
    Turn into someone that was hard to love
    How would you like it if I didn’t like you small
    Didn’t like the polish you be wearing on your toes
    If I didn’t like your neckalace
    Or what your cook for breakfast
    Would I be wrong…Would I be wrong…

    Why you wanna change me
    Flip all the things that really make me
    The way that I am used to make you happy
    Why you wanna change me?

    Girl (oh)
    You used to like your big old teddy bear
    Girl (oh)
    You used to let me get it anywhere
    Now baby its crazy
    Why why…why you wanna change me

    [Verse 2:]
    Now what all I did was pick apart your friends
    Cause they ain’t got no ends (oh girl)
    What if I talked about your face in the morning
    Cuz we know that you aint cute in the morning no…
    What if I criticized the way that you be eating
    And when you sleeping you be doing the heavy breathin’
    What if I was to ask you about your house keepin’
    Would I be wrong…Would I be wrong oh…


    We used to love breaking up
    Knowin’ we be together again
    And we used to love the arguments
    Cause we makin love by the end
    How you goin’ change everything and turn
    Turn it all around
    Cause I don’t want to go
    If it ain’t goin’ be the same
    If it aint broke then why you wanna
    Change me…


    [Ad Libs:]
    I used to make you happy with the little things
    When I did the little things
    All of the little things yea
    Oh yea…
    And oh you used to let me get it anywhere…
    Tell me why you wanna change me yea…

    Why you wanna change me…
    Why you wanna change me…
    Why baby tell me why…
    Girl why baby tell me why… [x3]

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