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  • Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Chant текст песни


    We can’t turn back the clock
    But we can chant for love
    Let’s cut the idle talk so we can
    Chant for love
    We always have the time to quarrel
    About such problems as money and war
    Let’s put it off until tomorrow
    Who needs another dose of sorrow?

    It don’t necessitate an act of faith
    To chant for love
    What alibi is strong enough to wait
    To chant for love
    Though we don’t hold the reigns of power
    Somebody else seems to be in control
    We mustn’t waste another hour
    We’ll get directly to the soul
    If we can

    For a world united
    For a world that’s dying for love

    The Hare Krishna plays a drum and bell
    When he chants for love
    The tribal priest is afraid of hell
    So he chants for love
    I am not pushing some religion
    Don’t get me wrong,
    I never mess with such things
    Just be true to your own vision
    This is your personal decision

    The Dervish spins to a Hu Hu Hu
    When he chants for love
    Nobody knows what the angels do
    When they chant for love
    You’re at the bottom of the ladder
    Someone may try to tell you where you should start
    But the words, they never matter
    If you can feel it in your heart
    Then you can

    Why don’t you chant?
    You can chant
    Chant, chant, chant …

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