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    Talib Kweli »

    Talib Kweli Children’s Story текст песни

    Children’s Story

    [Child #1] …and then Jackie Chan just started kickin em
    like POW! POW! POW!

    [Child #2] Whaaaaa??!

    [Mos Def] Alright y’all, alright y’all enough of that
    it’s time to go to bed y’all
    Time to go to bed — I don’t wanna hear that
    You know what time it is, you know what time it is

    [Children] Uncle Mos?
    [Mos Def] Yeeesss?
    [Children] Would you read us a bedtime story please?
    [Mos Def] Okay, okay. Ya’ll tucked in?
    [Children] Yeessss…
    [Mos Def] Heeeere we go…

    Once upon a time not long ago
    When people wore Adidas and lived life slow
    When laws were stern and justice stood
    And people was behavin’ like hip-hop was good
    There lived a little boy who was misled
    By a little Sha-tan and this is what he said
    "Me and you kid we gonna make some cash,
    Jackin’ old beats and makin’ the dash…"
    They jacked the beats, money came wit’ ease
    But son, he couldn’t stop, it’s like he had a disease
    He jacked another and another, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder
    Set some R & B over the track for ‘Deep Cover’ (187!)
    The kid got wild startin’ actin’ erratic
    He said "Yo, that presidential I got ta have it…"
    With liquor in his belly son, he made up the track
    But little did he know that his joints was wack
    The shiny A & R said "Great new hit G!"
    "Whenever you need a loop, yo come get me…"
    The kid got amped and he starts to figure
    "I’m-a get dough like all-a these otha niggaz!"
    So, he’s in the studio workin’ ’round the clock
    For pop radio, jacked the beat to ‘Planet Rock’
    Was out in the street when he met this sister
    Who couldn’t sing for shhhh but the mix wit’ her sister
    Hooked up the track and in excitation
    He decided he’d head for the radio station
    But (But!) he was runnin’ and he made a left
    Was skeezin’ at top speed and ran into Mos Def
    I slowed the young man down and I started: "Yo money,
    Yo, why you sellin’ lies to our wives and children?"
    He ran upstairs up to the top floor
    Opened up the door then guess what he saw? (Who?)
    JANE the chickenhead radio host
    Who be yappin’ ’bout beef between east and west coast
    He said "This one’s a bullet, you got ta give it run!"
    The chicken said "Thanks." and spanked it #1
    He went outside, was gettin’ props all over
    Then he dipped into his ride, the 4-point Rover
    Raced up the block doin’ 83
    Some cats with Hennessey saw him at a R-E-D
    He winked his eye like his star status mattered
    They rat-a-tat-tatted to make his blood splatter
    "You rockin’ crazy ice and all you do is cling static
    And rollin’ down to Brooklyn late night is problematic…"
    His eyes was bloody red, he hung on every word they said
    They told the kid "Back down, that playa shit is dead."
    Deep in his heart, he knew he was gone
    But he grabbed his 45 and decide to blaze on
    Wit’ shades on founded had him astounded an’
    Before long, the young man got surrounded
    Those grabbed the guns, so goes the glory
    And that is the way I got ta end this story
    He was out chasin’ cream and the American dream
    Tryin’ to pretend the ends justify the means
    This ain’t funny so don’t you dare laugh
    It’s just what comes to pass when you sell your ass
    Life is more than what your hands can grasp
    Good Night!

    (kids talking)
    Knock ‘em out the box Mos, knock ‘em out Mos
    Knock ‘em out the box Mos, knock ‘em out Mos (3x)

    Knock ‘em out…

    A-nother…Mos Def…Black Star MOVEMENT…
    presentation… CRUUUMBS!

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