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    Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz »

    Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz Chynalude (outro) текст песни

    Chynalude (outro)

    (feat. Chyna Whyte)

    [Lil Bo - Talking]
    Aww yeah ya know it was real hanging out wit y’all motherfuckers
    On this here album right
    But this motherfucker bout over and uh
    Time for me to get the hell on
    Been in the studio, the motherfucking sun coming up
    In this bitch, motherfucker, been in this motherfucking studio
    Working hard on this motherfucking album
    [Background vocals from Lil' Jon & Big Sam come in]
    What up B-leech, goddamn Sleet as usual in the motherfucking studio
    Kit, all the boys higher den a motherfucker
    We got Tim over there fucking up shit
    Ha, ha, but like I said time to get up out this album knowhaimsayin
    Hope y’all enjoyed this motherfucker
    It was a lot of hard work putting this bitch together
    Go look out for them, LG’s, my girl Chyna Whyte
    And who knows what else to motherfucking expect
    From the motherfucking BME ya little Biatch

    [Chorus x2]
    [Chyna Whyte]
    It’s one time for my soldiers on the front line
    Strapped with AKs, and car bombs
    With K-nine blood lines
    It’s one time for my killers on the front line
    Strapped P-nines and semi-autos
    Actin like it’s no tomorrow

    [Chyna Whyte]
    To survive in this world makes me a soldier
    Cause I wear Reeboks, nigga why, cause they colder
    Every 3 years I battle my fans thug years
    Now I shed tears, nigga, I ain’t happy here
    Like pot, so I blow herb thinking it’ll stop the pain
    When I come down I’ll still be left with the strain
    So I stay high so my eyes can stay dry
    And I don’t give a fuck why
    Nigga I was born to die
    In the club head tight off of gin and kiwi
    Camouflage and dimes so the niggas can’t see me
    Tellin em my name Le-Le or Lisa
    Breaking them walls the Visa 9-millimeter
    Sha-sha click, cock it, rock it
    Nothing but the Reeboks and poppin
    Nuttin but motherfucking nines and
    Bump, bump, you be running like Forrest Gump
    Knock you on yo ass like Humpty Dump
    Chyna Whyte leaves niggas in a slump, serial
    Deadly like disease venereal
    Game as be RD imperial
    Pumpin through your stereo, nigga what you know
    Ain’t no log when that fo’-fo’
    Ejaculate up in your fo’ door
    Bitch die slow, lyrical calico
    Purple tablets I flow
    None want war, Gambino
    Emptyin clips, I rips
    Motevl I flips
    Words comin off the lips like Teflon’s hips

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