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    Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Cliche’ текст песни


    One more game, one more chance
    One more orchestrated song and dance
    He’d be up front and speak his peace
    and ask for her time
    To put their heads together
    and try to make the knot unwind
    And it strikes home that it’s time to make his move
    or it’s time to turn and walk away
    So he plays that old cliche’

    Silent tears, bleeding heart
    Well our prima donna plies her art
    Defenses of defenses of faultless design
    Still she’s only asking him
    to help her make the knot unwind
    And if the very next words
    leaving her lips could decide
    If he’d go or if he’d stay
    She would play that old cliche’

    Who makes up the rules for the world?
    Haven’t we been down this road before?
    Isn’t anything peculiar here?
    Certainly there must be something more

    Where are the words, where are the words,
    where are the words
    Where are the words, where are the words,
    where are the words
    And it’s almost not worth singing about,
    it seems so everyday anyway
    Still we play that old cliche’

    And here I sit, one man show
    I vivisect and then pretend to know
    All it ever gets me is an ache in the mind
    Can’t somebody help me to try to make the knot unwind
    And I say what I say when I know
    there’s really nothing left to say
    Then I play that old cliche’
    Throw away that old cliche’

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