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  • Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Closet Case текст песни

    Closet Case

    Working in a suit and tie
    On the twenty-second floor
    A wife who cooks and stays at home
    And children to support
    And they provide some comfort
    From your worries and your cares
    But you get your kicks in tearooms
    From ten-minute love affairs

    And that’s just fine
    You won’t find a lecture here
    But you get more unhappy
    With each passing year

    At the office Christmas party
    Your wife is by your side
    But with all the pretty women
    It’s the men who catch your eye
    The old ones are distinguished
    And the young ones are so sweet
    And you would like to dance with them
    But you have to be discreet

    Holding onto ideal
    That you don’t understand
    Sacrificing all the love
    You’d like to give to a man

    Martinis on a Friday
    Business lunch at noon
    The secretary’s curious
    Why you left your desk so soon
    Rushing out to meet someone
    That you never thought would call
    ‘Cause you were slightly older
    And he was dark and tall

    Now he is there beside you
    But there’s no place to go
    ‘Cause he has got a roommate
    And you’ve got a family at home

    Closet case

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