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  • Michael W Smith »

    Michael W Smith Color Blind текст песни

    Color Blind

    Michael w. smith / wayne kirkpatrick

    There’s not a world of difference
    Out in the world tonight
    Between this world of people
    Red, yellow, black and white
    But instead of riding a rainbow of love
    We still are fighting with prejudice gloves
    Of anger
    With something to claim
    But nothing to gain so
    Why can’t we be color blind
    You know we should
    Be living together
    And we’d find a reason and rhyme
    I know we would
    ’cause we could see better
    If we could be color blind

    Somebody’s just assuming
    He’s up to nothing good
    ’cause he’s not like the others
    There goes the neighborhood
    What kind of world are we living in
    Whe we judge a man by the tone of his skin
    It’s crazy
    ’cause he has a heart
    Like you have a heart and


    It’d be so fine
    To be color blind
    To open our eyes
    And see color blind

    I know this world would be a better place
    The only race would be the human race
    All of those barriers would be erased
    Why can’t we be color blind


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