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    T-Spoon Come And Get My Love текст песни

    Come And Get My Love

    I Would Die, I Would Lie For You
    Move Mountains If You Want Me To
    I Will Pull The Sun Right Out Of The Sky — Let’s Take It Nice And Slow
    I Would Lie For You And That’s The Truth
    I Never Ever Want To Make You Blue
    I’ll Show You Heaven In My Arms — Is It Really You

    You’re Every Wish I’ll Make Come True
    It Might Be Crazy, Crazy For You
    When I Touch You And Make You Feel Good
    Make Love To You Like Cassanova Would
    I Don’t Want You For A One Night Stand
    My Whole Life With You I Wanna Spend
    The Way I Feel For You Words Can Not Express
    You Fill Me Up With Happiness

    Come And Get My Love
    Don’t Turn Around
    I Will Never Let You Down
    Come And Get My Love
    Don’t Waste Your Time — Your Magical, So Sensual, Emotional, So Beautiful
    Come And Get My Love
    And You Will See You Mean Everything To Me
    All That I Wanna Do Is Make Your Dreams Come True — Is It Really You

    Without You There Is No Me
    You’re My Honey And I’m You’re Be
    Let Me Show You I’m You’re Loverman
    The One That You Can Trust The One You Know Who’ll Be Fair — Let’s Take It Nice And Slow
    I’m Applying For A License To Thrill
    Your Every Wish I Will Fulfill
    You’re The Queen Of Ultimate Correct
    I’m Your King With Ultimate Respect


    I’ll Do Anything You Ask Me To
    Even Sell My Soul For You — Always Thinking About You
    I Want You To Be Around
    Never Ever Let You Down — There’s No Living Without You
    Tell Me That You’ll Never Go
    Wanna Take It Nice And Slow — We’ll Be Happy Together
    You’re Magical, So Sensual, Emotional, So Beautiful
    That’s The Way That You Are

    Repeat Verse 1


    Break by Linda:
    Do You Really Want Me? — Our Love Can’t Wait, So Don’t Hesitate Tonight
    Can We Take It Nice And Slow? — You Make Me Believe That You Are The Thief Of My Heart
    How Can I Believe In You? — You Make Me Survive, You’ve Changed All My Life For Real
    What Am I Supposed To Do? — I Wanna Be Near You Every Day
    Tell Me This Is For Real


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