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    T-bone »

    T-bone Crazy Hispanic текст песни

    Crazy Hispanic


    Well its that crazy MC the one that nobody can control

    So give me the microphone my name is T-Bone

    I know you want to fight this, pull out your pen and write this

    Cause you know I be the hypest, but I dont smoke blunts like Cypress

    I never have, and I never will kinda like 7-Up, so shut up

    Before you get cut up wit another lyrical piece of glass

    Gettin thrown from the dome of T-Bone

    To all them rappers sayin that my GOD is not real

    But they dont be knowin my GOD is magnificant, Omnipatent

    I’m obiedent cause if I disobey I’d be burnin in the fire

    Cause the devil is a liar

    Tryin to make me fall any way that he can

    Like makin me think that I’m the man

    By puttin a glock in my hand or a beer can

    Then I be hearin these voices sayin sip it

    Put I buck the devil down, and grab the mic and start to flip it

    Flop it, then I be pullin my Bible out of my pocket

    And remind the devil that he’s been defeated, nobody cheat

    Jesus Christ won fair and square when He died apon the Cross

    Which mean the blood was not lost

    So devil get the heck away from me cause I’m that crazy hispanic

    When I grab the mic I start to panic

    Committin perfect crimes, wit the perfect rhymes

    Mutalatin demons, hold up I think I somebody screamin

    Oh I think I recognize that yell

    That the sound of twenty thousand demons burnin in hell

    And if you dont want to be there, then you best change your ways

    I eat demons like a pack of Frito Lays, anyways

    I got my dues, so gloria Jesus

    Go out and tell the devil theres a crazy latin on the loose


    Cause no one can handle and wonder and loco

    A crazy hispanic



    I be that latin MC, that the devil cant see

    Like the wind that hear goin in ear

    Like a cutip or even Casper the ghost

    I burn MCs like toast

    The oven’s hot roast dont mean to boast

    But since the age of 8 I have been unfadeable

    Suckas get big heads, but head is not inflatable

    So if you like hip hop while I beat I got em

    From the top to the bottom, Bob Cat brought em

    From the top of his dome to the studio

    wit this crazy flow to the radio, gotta save a soul

    Is what I’m screamin, I got a demon on my infered

    So I pop the demon like a fat pimple on my head

    Nuff said, demons on the ground all around

    Maybe next time they’ll think before messin wit the brown

    Crazy hispanic, skitzophranic type of fellow

    I eat MCs like jello, hello

    Lay your head apon the pillow, cause your raps need a nap

    Oh snaps, crackle pop, this some real hip hop

    Not some drip drop, water down type of junk punk

    But the type of stuff that makes demons weary

    They fear me, like a mouse does a cat

    Cause I’ma maniac

    Nuts, out of control

    The devil tryin to steal my soul

    But he wont suceed, I’ll make him plead and bleed

    Mercy, mercy to this crazy hispanic

    And then I’ll do it all over again



    Well its that lunatic latin comin straight from the mission

    District I get ballistic let me kick this

    Rhyme, like a sucka ballin to the devil catta

    No dijo nada, con de una pallada

    Im the brother wit the bald head like Mr. Clean

    Settin demons on fire, tryin to put em out wit gasoline

    But for some reason gasoline aint helpin

    Demons keep meltin, like a ice cream sundae

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

    Everyday I praise the Lord, and hang demons wit my mic cord

    Then I hit em wit my bat while the one the floor

    Hold a sec I think I hear somebody knocin at my door

    Knock Knock who’s there, Jesus, Jesus who

    The one who loves, and can change you, rearrange you

    From the top of your head to the tip of your toes

    To afros, bald heads, dread and all the stuff

    Rough and rugged by my style

    Like a juvenile gettin buckwild in the streets

    I teach over beats

    Cause thats a secret to reach ya and teach ya

    So that the devil wont defeat ya

    Wack MC get cut like trees, wit ease

    Geez, I eat em like Chinnesse

    Wak Tak Tu Ya, whats your technique

    My technique is unique

    Lead by the Holy Ghost

    I got the type of skills that burn demons like toast

    So pass the M I C and let me flow like the Atlantic

    The Terminator couldnt stop me, cause I’ma crazy hispanic


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