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  • Run Dmc »

    Run Dmc Crown Royal текст песни

    Crown Royal

    For they, is the kingdome and the power, and the glory

    The King’s a ruler, the ruler rules [x4]

    I’m the epitome of royalty, you versus me, it’s a joke
    I’m a rage, amazing blaze, you cigarette smoke
    Your video’s number one and that was part of my plan
    Went from Rock Box to a whole countdown jam
    Took rock music, switched and flipped and made it raw
    Anyway you’ve played it, we’ve played it before in ’84
    Every show, a hundred thousand people or more
    Famous still give us tours, and we be tryin’ not to take em’ all
    I bake em’ all quicker than Sara Lee, come battle me
    Imagine that, what a sight that’ll be
    Front page of the times, I can read the headlines now
    Rev Run beat clown down, when tryin’ to take his crown

    The King’s a ruler, the ruler rules [x4]

    I’m the reason you started rhyming
    I’m the reason rap sales started climbing
    That’s why I’m still headlining
    I’m the King and before I leave your ass gonna learn
    Yeah, y’all each wanna burn, wait your turn
    Run, I’m a living legend, my suggestion is learn your lesson
    I’ll leave you stressing, confessing and begging for a blessing
    And whatever your impression..it better be,
    that we the top pedigree bringing y’all energy since ’83
    I run this here since way back when
    I picked up a pair of adidas, and make y’all wear em’ again
    If you thought it, I done did it, heard it, I done spit it
    New cats wanna pay their respect, son I’m with it
    But if not, I’m a reclaim the top of the charts
    Doin’ shows with dough flows frip ‘em apart
    Other than that, I’ll just be holding my own
    Crown royalty up on a throne, for real

    The King’s a ruler, the ruler rules [x8]

    Our father, who art in heaven
    hollowed be thy name, thy kingdome come
    Thy will be done

    The King’s a ruler, the ruler rules [x13]

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