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    Tapping The Vein »

    Tapping The Vein Crushing текст песни


    It’s Crushing Every Bone
    Feeding My Lonliness
    I Wish I Had A Rope From This Hole
    I Know I Don’t

    Are You All Alone, Running Like Me?

    A Stunning Blow To The Head
    A Weight On My Lungs
    Has Me Gasping, Fighting For Breath
    Swallowing My Tongue

    Are You All Alone, Running Like Me?

    I Am Too Tired To Give Up
    And I Am Too Weak To Fail
    I’m Thrashing And Sobbing
    And Planning My Sleep
    You Won’t Wake Me When Every Day Is The Same

    You See I’m Running
    I’ve Got To Hurry Up

    And I Am Too Sick To Stand Up
    My Strength For This World Is Gone
    I’m Stumbling I’m Tripping
    My Face In The Dirt
    You Won’t Save Me When Every Day Here Is The Same

    Are You All Alone Running Like Me?

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