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    Rush Cygnus X-1, Book One_ The Voyage текст песни

    Cygnus X-1, Book One_ The Voyage

    In the constellation of Cygnus, there lurks a mysterious, invisible force: the black hole of Cygnus X-1….

    Six Stars of the Northern Cross
    In mourning for their sister’s loss
    In a final flash of glory
    Nevermore to grace the night…

    Invisible to telescopic eye
    Infinity, the star that would not die

    All who dare to cross her course
    Are swallowed by her fearsome force

    Through the void
    To be destroyed
    Or is there something more?
    Atomized…at the core?
    Or through the Astral Door?
    To soar…

    I set a course just east of Lyra
    And northwest of Pegasus
    Flew into the light of Deneb
    Sailed across the Milky Way
    On my ship, the "Rocinante"
    Wheeling through the galaxies,
    Headed for the heart of Cygnus
    Headlong into mystery

    The x-ray is her siren song
    My ship cannot resist her long
    Nearer to my deadly goal
    Until the black hole
    Gains control…

    Spinning, whirling,
    Still descending
    Like a spiral sea,

    Sound and fury
    Drown my heart
    Every nerve
    Is torn apart…

    To be continued…

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