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  • RZA »

    RZA Daily Routine текст песни

    Daily Routine

    Featuring Baretta Nine
    Intro: [Bobby (Baretta)]

    *Word Up!*
    Straight up
    Spread my knowledge through your projects
    (knowledge through)
    Straight up
    (Word up)
    Word up

    *The chief noble oble same total controller of the*
    *global over law the thousand MCs grab proposal*
    *Jakes that mould you taste will hold you hostage*
    *peace will fold you like a wallet flies get swatted*
    *once they spotted infra-red dotted head red targets*


    *Yo, we smoke blunts, throw weight, bust shots,*
    *attend wakes baby make, pay rent stay bent,*
    *Drink Red Label duck from Jakes we flagrant*
    *Keep the gear pressed *

    Verse 1: Bobby

    I’m paranoid of loiZOID
    We fight like Guiver against the hyperZOID NOIDS
    HIGH ACHIEVER mind computes like a THIEVER
    Thoguhts connect like the quarterback to the wide receiver
    Stay blunted drinking cokey nine hundred
    Never fronting on my niggas on the battle zone
    Thoughts flip before they change your whips on the
    Good ship Jesus before Kimet was called Egypt
    Before the bloods and crypts tomahawks and pimps
    Eighteen pumas spazed we still had balds and braids
    Amplify the sound of the earth rotation
    Who could pin-point the exact location in space
    It’s to see hear and feel the earth rotation
    That’s why knowledge is the basic foundation of
    All days and creation, like man is the foundation of

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