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    Divina Enema »

    Divina Enema Darken The Murals текст песни

    Darken The Murals

    (There they were revealed by Men who occupied
    the sixth chamber, and took the forms of
    books and were arranged in libraries)

    Alas for woe! Alas for woe! -
    It is high time to see the foe
    To know the law does claim your soul
    Alike the mute and helpless doll
    Thus claim you for its very own.

    However the shadows grew longer and longer
    As evening fell — don’t go beyond the last house
    Your village remindeth me an island in billow
    Of pestilent breeds have been running ‘gainst us

    Ye shalt die
    Well to be sure!
    But whilst ye are drowning — ye need no cure
    Don’t implore
    Don’t supplicate
    Ye shalt rot to the core before it’s too late!
    Ye regard this solace as amongst cavalcade…

    Of ire and delirious barking at church
    There is no need to go there without faithful torch
    The murals of hers do encumber to see
    There is only one way to contumacy

    Down the face!
    The face of yours
    Come closer to the grace like that
    Shut it so close…
    As ye can…
    Imbrue her hills
    The harridan’s corpse was entwined ’bout by the…
    Great worm’s asp alike
    That’s your funeral… Hih!

    Lo, Thou hast procured her fragrant
    Thou didst debar her insolent folks
    And as ye look through those mirrors on her walls
    There are gargoyles flit ye about!

    What were ye looking for?
    What were ye looking at?
    When this ae had been found by you
    Had ye expected thing like that?

    Indubitable ae’s deep coomb alike
    Darken the murals — do not see the light
    Under palatial family vaults
    Lay open the graves… Let their prisoners rise!

    Their eyne’s dry…
    More so than thine
    Dauber of murals that shalt never shine
    Solemn hues which nane wilt ever see
    Thy art is the way to contumacy
    Hath anyone e’er confined thy legacy?

    Do not crepitate!
    Soporific anthem is swimming so slowly…
    It’s protected by them
    By the superstitions do rule everywhere
    Can ye die?
    I deem ye should give it a try!

    Sylvan dark
    Decrease the light
    Shall ye fly towards the dawn o’ total night?
    Sleepwards red and feculent sky
    Why have ye never read my rhyme?
    But anyhow… ye should give it a try!

    Abysm provideth thy fall
    Abysmal mirrors on her walls
    Thou shalt acquire their mercy back
    If thou believe them — fall adown and break thy neck

    For the sake of evil
    For the sake of… I don’t care
    Why do ye always try to attain "famine of yours" so ye acquire your pain

    Mortals! Why was your quest so discourteous then?
    If ye might have seen whether gift would be sent down…
    E’en my sight was aghast when that shining nail
    Was being pierced through the chest of the mass… knife alike
    If ye e’er want to see — do not look for your eyes. -
    And then — in days of yore — ye may creep to and fro:
    Care of mine wilt be taken by ME: say FAREWELL

    …to be continued…

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