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    Madonna Did You do It? (remix of "waiting") текст песни

    Did You do It? (remix of "waiting")

    Tick tick tock, Mo is on the jock
    I did her in the limo as we went around the block
    Sucked the mole on her hip, licked the lipstick off her lip
    She got real excited, yo she started to flip
    She says ‘Dre baby ‘Dre baby oh
    I said just relax, yo chill Mo
    We made a right turn onto Central Park West
    One hand gripped the car, the other on her breast


    Did you do it? Ya know I did it
    Did you do it? Ya know I did it
    Did you do it? Ya know I did it
    I let the seat recline and I hit it
    Did you do it? I said I did it
    Did you do it? I said I did it
    Did you do it? I said I did it
    But I backed out quick because I thought I split it

    Waiting for you, just waiting
    Waiting for you
    Waiting for you, just waiting
    Waiting for you

    Uh, Ho’s in the front for the 1990′s
    Walkin’ around showing off their hinies
    Wigglin’ they’re jigglin’ they’re swingin’ and flingin’
    9-7-0 Yo Ho, your phone’s ringin’
    You get a call from your John, you meet him at the mot’
    He’s chillin’ in a pamper and a fur coat
    Your head starts spinnin’, you drunk too much gin in
    Your jaw starts grinnin’, and this is the beginnin’
    Of a night of an average Ho
    It ain’t all about working on the streets no more
    Here’s another episode of dropping off a load
    Peter was on the beater, I was about to explode
    I couldn’t hold back [so whadja do]
    I took her to my place [yo, did she sit on your face]
    She was so good just like uh, Campbell’s soup
    I won’t try to front so here’s the rude scoop
    I dipped it and I stripped it and I ripped it like before
    I had her screamin’, nope no diddily, nope no more
    I can’t stop once I get started

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