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    Taraxacum Disfunctional текст песни


    [Music: T. Exxel - Words: R. Mythiasin, D Klupp]

    All you fuckin’ two-faced people pointing fingers and crying foul.
    You got your panties all up in a bunch,
    Are you gonna fucking’ have a cow?
    I’m never gonna be like you with all your phony religious facade
    So don’t try to shove it down my throat,
    because I’ll never yield to your cause!

    Look at yourself before judging someone else
    Why can’t you see you’re disfunctional like me!


    You got your own convictions, so don’t call me on religios
    I am what i am, I just don’t give a damn!
    I’ve got a separate vision, I’ll make my own decision
    I just don’t give a damn, disfunctional I am!
    That’s right.

    Everybody’s different and different people got different needs.
    Stop tryin’ to preach to me,
    ’cause I’ll believe what I wanna believe.

    I’ll never conform to what you call the norm
    You think you’re so legit, but I think you’re full of shit!

    [repeat chorus]

    You’ll never change me, so don’t you even try.
    I’m gonna do things my way ’till the day I die.
    I mean no harm to no one, but you got to give me space,
    Don’t you give me attitude and don’t get up in my face!!!

    Face! — Face! — Face!
    Face! — Face! — Face!

    [solo Danny, Ferdy, Eggi]

    Look at yourself before judging someone else
    Why can’t you see you’re disfunctional like me!

    [repeat chorus]

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