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    Lemar »

    Lemar Don’t Give It Up текст песни

    Don’t Give It Up

    Dont give it up
    What you possess is special
    No need to rush
    Tell him how you feel
    He’ll wait a while
    What is meant to be will be,
    So don’t give it up,
    Don’t give it up!

    It’s so easy to find a man,
    But it aint easy to find real love,
    She’s been searching all of fifteen years,
    And now she’s found it,
    But she’s so scared,

    He wants to go faster, faster,
    She wants to just slow it down,
    He wants to go further, further,
    Let me break it down!


    See you’re so young lady,
    Got your life in front of you,
    I know you love that boy,
    But a real man deserves you,
    And he ain’t real,
    And maybe he’s not the one,
    If he don’t understand how you feel,

    He says if you love me, love me,
    Why won’t you just do it now?
    She says she ain’t ready, ready,
    Sister listen now!


    See there’s so much for her to be thinking about,
    But all she sees is her man,
    True love lasts more than one night,
    You will know the perfect time,
    So wait till you’re ready,


    Let the beat roll on and on and on,
    Let the beat roll on and on and on,
    And the beat goes on and on and on,
    Let the beat go on and on and on,
    Until you’re ready baby,
    Until you’re ready baby.

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