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    Tammy Wynette Don’t Make Me Go To School текст песни

    Don’t Make Me Go To School

    My little girl said mommy the school room breaks my heart
    Arithmetic reminds me that you and dad’s apart
    Subtraction starts me breaking up cause him from us leaves too
    And with our home devided now I cry a lot in school
    Don’t make me go to school no more and cry through every test
    I’m so ashamed when children see the teardrops on my desk
    Imagine how you feel to hear your child say this to you
    Don’t make me go to school no more and make the fifth grade blue
    [ steel ]
    It’s hard to see my lessons the blackboard’s one big tear
    And when I turn wet papers in Miss Dickens only stares
    So please may I be absent mom like daddy is from home
    I’d rather fail than face the class they know my daddy’s gone
    Don’t make me go to school…

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