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    Divina Enema »

    Divina Enema Down Along The Roots текст песни

    Down Along The Roots

    Expel the conscience of yours merely!
    And incense will seem to be reaching the stars!
    In stampede miserable deviltry is!

    [Demons in chorus:]
    Oh, they are!

    Suddenly a wind arose
    behind me pushing me ahead…
    Something cold came running down my face
    Deep down I fell
    Shadows cast by the stones
    cowered the ground
    something dark lay in the grass
    There’s distant gnarly grove ahead
    with tangled gloomy trunks and branches
    unlike they are and yet also much akin…

    [Dome community:]
    He indeed seems to be dead!
    He seems to be dead!
    He did recline his head so strange
    ‘Twas very kind of him
    if he would have passed away
    somewhere else but here!
    That maid in black has rather poor taste!
    Oh yes!
    She does!

    That was all meant for your good
    you’ll be alive
    being buried root by root!
    You don’t believe the demons
    so shall they accost to you?

    Now listen to their wings’ howl
    crows sense a corpse from afar

    [Dome community:]
    He indeed seems to be dead!
    Why won’t you have a look at him?

    Let me cease all that stuff
    I can race where no roads are!
    I can abduct
    through deceit in sign I’ll come
    while wretched and grim grimaces
    can hardly be seen through dust

    Through the dust my flame will show its tongue
    but there’s no word to throw
    through the mist you could have seen my eyes
    don’t you think they belong to foe?
    They as thine belong to thee…
    Oh thy broken entity
    which thou shalt have to lose…

    …riding it into mysterious loneliness
    you have searched for!
    Enter halls
    having passed by doors
    by the wooden mouth does beget nothing
    but carrion!
    There is but only venomous kiss
    to drop down from these bitter lips!
    There is but only wicked smile
    to pass your torture by when you’ll be die dying
    wringing your hands in some kind of despair!
    Let the spirit leave that jail
    the lair!

    [Both in chorus:]
    Leave your lair
    and rise your demons up into the air!
    Leave your lair
    then let them bound deep into the ground!
    Leave your lair
    let waving soil just now begin to boil!
    looking for our future victim
    why wont you abet our swarm?

    I appear to serve you but ne’ertheless
    I’ll get what I am after!
    I appear to kneel to you
    the devil knows what this is all about!

    [Oze on the right:]
    So to the devil with your soul!

    [Caacrinolaas on the left:]
    Something dark lay in the grass!

    Have you ne’er noticed
    what an unpleasant sight is a person eating?
    So you called the imp
    while the expression of fiery eyes
    showed a markedly increased voluptuousness

    Low dark clouds were slowly creeping on
    to meet our cavalcade
    leaden strips of rain came slanting down at us
    The sky’s array became filled with dark
    a feeble streak of lightning flashed in distance
    and no sooner did I see
    sudden light torn night asunder
    than an ocean of cold water fell hard
    pouring down on me

    And the night was as dark as soot
    I couldn’t see my fingers even

    I am to be your demon!
    Now I show the path where immortality’s to dwell!
    I am to be your demon…

    Were I there I would not have been lost
    in burning pits of hell

    Caacrinolaas speaking in as cross a voice
    as he could manage
    Well, try to invent your own reality to dwell among…
    You’re slowly going down
    not knowing what a deuce you forgot…
    Nevertheless don’t you admire the view?

    For no one did expect indeed
    what a nice bird you turned out to be!
    What then is there to regret…

    …e’en though I am on the verge of tears

    So this way that’ll never do
    to be alive among such gloom!

    So what then is left to regret about
    lay waste your fear!
    You’d better leave all your graves to the dead
    let us fly and disappear among the chaos!
    Among the chaos you ride the demons
    we shall ride the beast tonight
    Satan he was named
    Satan was he named!
    And who will be chained?
    Answer now
    as we’ll beget
    his proper place among the death
    the mysterious loneliness among the…

    And that night was as dark as soot
    I couldn’t see my fingers even

    I am to be your demon
    Now I show the path where dull reality’s to dwell
    I am to be your demon…

    Now tell again about your feelings
    as being penalised…

    So I wish you were not quite so deaf
    I’ve had to ask you twice’

    It was not ’til one of them reminded the others
    that they brought me the key
    so they asked me not to be so blind
    as wooden brotherhood

    That will make your feathers fly
    don’t take offence
    but IT came across your traces
    A little do I wish!
    You’ll get much more than even devil has…
    Lo! Something dark lies in the grass!

    Do step down the flame!
    Into the bog does burn and shine in darkness
    blazing from inside so heavenly
    divinity it has…
    or else
    something dark lies in the grass!

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