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    Manafest »

    Manafest Droppin’ Hammers текст песни

    Droppin’ Hammers

    I got one chick, no kids no drama
    I soak in, music sing soap operas
    I got four wheels one board globe trotter
    I got money got God I still got problems
    It don’t matter though I’m zoned in my own flow
    So when I get told off my emotions hold
    I don’t punch a whole through the bathroom door
    I count to four 1,2,3,4!!!
    Cause If I don’t calm down, stress is gonna compound
    Cops are gonna come down, cuff me up g style
    Buck wild like hulk I’ll turn green,
    Pray for me "AH" there’s animal inside of me
    I drop a rhyme, hard flip hit a grind
    Turn 360 degrees adrenalin ride
    Let these hammers fall flat, conscience intact
    Cause all around the world we gonna feel the impact

    New York dropping hammers like what
    California dropping hammers like what
    Manafest Dropping hammers on anybody crazy enough to get down
    America dropping hammers like what
    Worldwide dropping hammers like what
    Manafest Dropping hammers on anybody crazy enough to get down

    I can’t tell you that I’ve never been ticked off
    Picked on, spit upon felt ripped off
    I’ve had my mom rip me a new one
    For a quick tongue, run, kid, run, run, run
    Sun don’t shine in my life all the time
    Some fly, some die, some survive the ride
    Christ got my back when I fall face flat
    When the fault line cracks I bounce right back
    I used to freak out scream loud I need help
    Beat down the ground till my fists were ow
    Now I got bolder got wisdom got style
    I used to miss out now I’m Mr. Wow
    Blow to your radio Blow to your video
    Dropping these hammers like what
    I said Blow to your radio to Blow to your Video
    Dropping these hammers right now on your stereo

    We dropping hammers, like it don’t matter
    Setting the standard
    We dropping hammers, like it don’t matter
    Raising the banner

    Ye can’t pigeon hole me, hommie,
    Sorry can’t do what you told me, I’m only
    Doing what I feel, what’s right? What’s wrong?
    When I’m dropping it hard somewhere I belong, I hear God
    Talking to me, while I’m falling asleep, I got cuts in my knees
    After hitting the streets trying to figure out the following
    Why me, why not, Thank God, this is life drop it like it’s…..

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