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  • Saccharine Trust »

    Saccharine Trust Effort To Waste текст песни

    Effort To Waste

    Drunk on the blood

    Stuck to the rug

    He vomits nostalgia

    As the casualties

    Watch him seethe

    With careful curiosity

    With a raw dialogue

    An effort to waste

    He gives his sermon

    But his words are pointless

    To the sober conscience

    They breathe the same air

    All is mind as mind is all

    Flesh is stone as stone is flesh

    Pain is real as real is pain

    In a sad awakening

    He finds a window

    God its mourning

    All thoughts pierce

    As memories are scarce

    And the cuts have dried out

    But the terror or

    The nights he lost

    Still hands his head low

    Drunk on the rug

    Stuck to the blood

    He vomits nostalgia

    I waited so long for something to seem real

    I had so many questions

    I answered all my questions

    When I seen your face turn

    And I knew what was real

    And I knew what was lost

    Yes I know what was real

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