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    Rupee Flaunt It текст песни

    Flaunt It

    If you’ve got it

    Then flaunt it

    If you’ve got it

    Show it off show the world

    You’ve got it

    Then flaunt it

    If you’ve got it

    Show it off show the world

    I don’t wanna sound fast or rude

    But the style that you exude

    It makes me want to get close to you

    So go ahead woman and do your thing

    I love the way that your moving

    Girl go ahead i can’t blame you

    Show dem how you turn

    Show dem how you twist

    Make de dance floor burn

    Woman i insist

    Show dem how you wine

    Show dem how you dance

    Put dem in a trance

    Your sexiness and beauty

    Should be made for the world to see

    So come pretty girl expose it

    Let others be as fortunate as me

    Cause i’m sure they will agree

    You’ve got it let the whole world know it

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