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    DJ Honda »

    DJ Honda For Every Day That Goes by текст песни

    For Every Day That Goes by

    [Featuring Rawcotiks]
    «Street life»
    A yo the street life is the only life I know
    The street life is the only life I know
    Yo the street life yo the street life
    Yo the street life yo the street life (x2)
    Jeff Valentino:
    I reach my masters in the wildest pastures
    I think quick to gash for the cash I need to capture
    A modern day Dracula I walk the Heights at night
    Hardcore like ice man verses life pay the price
    Now you can witness mines throughout the rhymes
    I blind for the legal mind they claimin’ that I’m outta line
    They never understand minds unless they in it
    So do all these street peoples a favor just go about your buisness
    What is this?
    The cops is goin’ out with the girls on the block
    Now here’s the plot they want to get us all locked
    I think now, we too ahead of the plan
    Niggas can’t understand my man in the caravan
    Scopin’ out the NYPD strickly
    With binoculars and high tech technology
    Now you can ask for last wifey when she actin’ shiesty
    Yo the hon tried to play more scenes then Spike Lee
    Yo but I took it lighty cause there’s cats wanting to snipe me
    My shit is so pure the government will sacrifice me
    The street life yeah the street life ah yeah the street life
    Yo the street life
    For everyday that goes by I ask why
    I had to struggle we had to stuggle
    To build somethin’ out of nothin’ we ain’t frontin’
    We known to keep the party jump your bass pumpin’ (x2)
    Butta Lee:
    I walk these hot streets but my feet don’t burn
    I earn plus learn that this world still turns
    For the good or the bad when I was broke ass
    Now I got cash ass sweet tabs and hash
    And niggas don’t even want to stop to talk
    Now I feel like a rat and y’all niggas is hawks
    Always peepin’ and watchin’ every move I make
    Hopin’ that I slip up and let you know where’s my wake
    Wait I’m a let you know where it’s stored at
    It’s kept above my neck lethal when I inject
    I mean when I inhale my plan never fails
    Y’all airheaded niggas blow a hole in ya ceil
    Take a hit of the ale then prepare for warfare
    The nightmares of electrical chairs and FED affairs
    Have a nigga mad bent on the streets
    Have a nigga ready to creep
    And blow a niggas head piece
    A-yo the street life is the only life I know
    The street life is the only life I know
    Yo the street life, yo the street life
    Yo the street life, yo the street life (x2)
    Rawcotik, Honda all my motherfuckin’ brothers out there. Big Al 63rd
    Baby. Word up. Representin’. This is us baby. This is us.
    YouknowhatI’msayin’?. Word up.

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