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    Metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls текст песни

    For Whom The Bell Tolls

    Make his fight on the hill in the early day
    Constant chill deep inside
    Shouting gun, on they run through the endless grey
    On the fight, for they are right, yes, by who’s to say?
    For a hill men would kill, why? They do not know
    Suffered wounds test there their pride
    Men of five, still alive through the raging glow
    Gone insane from the pain that they surely know
    For whom the bell tolls
    Time marches on
    For whom the bell tolls

    Take a look to the sky just before you die
    It is the last time you will
    Blackened roar massive roar fills the crumbling sky
    Shattered goal fills his soul with a ruthless cry
    Stranger now, are his eyes, to this mystery
    He hears the silence so loud
    Crack of dawn, all is gone except the will to be
    Now the will see what will be, blinded eyes to see

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