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    Led Zeppelin For Your Life текст песни

    For Your Life

    You said I was the only, oh, oh
    Exhibition is your habit
    Emotions second hand, oh, oh
    Had to pull away to save me
    Maybe next time around
    And she said, don’t you wannit?
    Don’t you want coca coca coca?
    Hadn’t planned to, could not stand to
    Try it, friend, yeah, na, na, yeah
    Whoo ooh ooh ooh

    Heard a cry for mercy
    In the city of the damned
    Oh oh babe, deep down,
    Impossible to go lower
    The next stop’s on the ground
    Oh, low on the ground
    You want to know is it quite over
    To fame and tears and losing hair
    And I said didn’t mean to
    Did not mean to profit
    If you can plan you are a brave mano

    You wanna do it, you wanna
    You wanna do it when you wanna
    You wanna do it, do it when you wanna

    When you blow it, babe
    You got to blow it right
    Oh baby, if you fake it, mama
    Baby, fake with all your might
    When you fake it, mama
    Please fake it right
    For yourself, babe, will you fake it?
    You’re fakin’ it for all your life
    For all your life
    For all your life
    For all your life

    Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
    Do it when you wanna
    Do it, do it, do it
    Do it when you wanna
    Oh, I can have you, baby
    But I don’t know what to do, yeah
    Sometime, baby, nothin’ I could do
    Wanna find myself a crystal
    Payin’ through the nose
    And when they couldn’t resist you
    I sought to go with the flow

    And now your stage is empty
    Fold up your show
    Hadn’t planned to
    Could not stand to
    Hadn’t planned it
    I over ran in
    For your life
    For your life

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