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    Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Four in One текст песни

    Four in One

    What good is money unless it brings
    That certain something
    for the girl who’s got everything
    Here is an item you can’t pass by
    Won’t even cost you one thin dime
    I won’t give up until you own me
    Lock me up and throw away the key
    Precious possession, your private property
    The price is right so won’t you buy me
    For a song, you can have me, for a song

    Just for a minute stand in my place
    You’ll understand what I want you to say
    Give me a whisper or give a shout
    Clue me in, I’ll work it out
    I’ll never break down, I’m maintenance free
    And I come with a life time guarantee
    You just can’t pass up this opportunity
    Don’t hesitate ’cause if you want me
    For a song, you can have me, for a song

    I belong to you (hand in hand together)
    I belong to you (love in two forever)
    You’re the only song I need
    So let your heart sing, sing for me
    If you’re serious then you can sample me
    I’m nearly yours but you know nothing comes for free
    You don’t need money, you have security
    I’m sure you’ve got one somewhere, you can keep me
    For a song, you can have me, for a song

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