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    Sam Cooke Frankie And Johnny текст песни

    Frankie And Johnny

    Frankie and Johnny was sweethearts

    at least thats the way the story goes

    Frankie bought everything for Johnny

    from his sports car to his Ivy League clothes

    He was a man alright, oh but he was doing her wrong

    just to show you what can happen

    A friend came running to Frankie

    she said you know I wouldn’t tell you no lie

    I saw your man riding in his Jaguar

    with a chick named Nellie Blye

    He was your man honey, oh and he was doing you wrong

    let me tell the story

    Frankie ran around the corner

    and peeked in a swinging place

    there she saw Johnny with the woman

    he had his arms around her waist

    aw…he was a man alright but Frankie could see that he was

    doing her wrong. And oh let me tell you

    Frankie reached down in her pocketbook

    and up with a long forty-four

    she shot once, twice, three times and

    Johnny fell to the hard wood floor

    aw…he was a man alright but Frankie shot him because he was

    doing her wrong

    But the last thing he told her was

    Frankie, you know I love you

    Why? Honey why did you do that?

    Frankie.. I was telling her about you

    Frankie.. you know I love you

    Frankie.. you know that I love you

    yeah, yeah , yeah, yeah

    Now Frankie, you know darn well that I love you

    Frankie.. I’ll always love you baby

    Frankie.. you know I can’t do without you

    Frankie.. you know I love you

    and I know, I know I was doing

    you wrong..wrong..wrong..wrong

    Now Frankie..you know darn well that I love you

    Frankie….(song fades and ends)

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