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    Rollins Band Franklin’s Tower текст песни

    Franklin’s Tower

    I should have seen my end coming from a long way off
    My friend said: man, she’ll give you the blues so man..
    Don’t get caught but I went right ahead and told myself
    A pack of lies and spend night after hammered night
    Getting back my mind

    I am a fool when I need you, I’m a fool to believe
    My heart is so wide open, I’m so easy to deceive
    I’m a fool, I’ll keep believing, I’m a fool, I believe it all
    I’m a fool who’ll keep on trying and like a fool I will crawl

    I waste my time in my mind thinking of you
    I am a fool I know
    I should be healing myself instead of hurting myself
    I am a fool I know, I know, I know
    And it hurts to keep learning the same, lessons and pain
    I am a fool I know
    Self mutilation is the only thing that I know, I’m a fool I know
    I’ve seen your front teeth sharpen and I’ve watched
    Your muscles fles, you have the kind of eyes
    That turn mere mortals into wrecks
    I know first hand so well, all the hard times you direct
    Seduced, rejected, reduced, ejected…again…

    You can do anything you want
    You all tell your city’s calling after you

    I am a fool, I know, because it’s all I know, I am a fool I know
    I know, I know, yeah, I am a fool I know, Yeah

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