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    Phil Scopes »

    Phil Scopes Freshie текст песни


    I graduated from my elementary school
    And I thought high school was gonna be great.
    But I found out you’re not respected by the upperclassmen at all.
    So it was quite a hectic first day.

    ‘Cause they call you a freshie…
    They’re always yellin’ Freshie…

    Don’t ask for directions to your next class.
    ‘Cause those seniors will always steer you wrong.
    They’ll send you to the wrong floor or the wrong side of the hall.
    They make you feel like you don’t belong

    ‘Cause they call you a freshie… (chorus)

    Walk fast to class and don’t be late
    ‘Cause they’ll yell «freshie» if they see you run.
    But sometimes you have to if the bell already rang.
    Being late for class is not much fun

    ‘Cause they call you a freshie… (chorus)

    They’ll always try to sell you stuff
    Like drafting shoes or an elevator pass
    They’ll always sell it for a very high price
    And I say that I can’t afford the cash

    But they call me a freshie… (chorus)

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