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    Divina Enema »

    Divina Enema Gargoyles Ye Rose Aloft текст песни

    Gargoyles Ye Rose Aloft

    In weary lust they have been sate o’er aisle
    Seem to be screaming:

    Come we will
    Stay for a while…
    You will be our capture
    why won’t you be…

    So the dome is assailed by deviltry

    Virulence ‘thro abominable sight
    Come we will
    Ye wait!
    Tremendous ae!

    They frown upon earth and earth’s centuries
    Here the gargoyle’s high above mighty kings
    The beast has outdone ‘em so she’s got to wheeze
    Lay wallow in cloudy skies
    watch ‘em if you please

    I was sick and tired of blear and rainy day
    so I did decide to have my rest that way
    In spite of ostensible spat in my heart
    I sat at the pulpit in hall breathing hard

    [Demons as gargoyles:]
    What would you say if we asked
    you to remain here
    until the time when days and nights are over
    and then… come we will!
    Did you not e’er happen to feel
    as if you had lived somewhere formerly
    and long ago?
    And now you do discover
    you’re looking at something
    you had seen long
    long ago

    I’ve lost the track of time
    Wild slumber swept away ‘em all
    Foamy fog is upon the woe-stained floor
    pale gleam of silver chandeliers
    obscure and delusive chants
    have run over the choirs
    so slow…

    …Hence your virtuous mass
    shall be almost like the sacred grove
    where GOD himself does dwell and reign
    among such saints which all you have become!

    The last one I heard

    Sow the seed of the faith
    deep into your hearts and lay open the gates
    do lead towards the skies
    there’s the only device
    that does promise place for you in paradise!

    I was falling asleep so I did close my eyes…

    I was assailed by the spectre of beast
    Lay waste all those charges ’cause I can’t resist
    I was obsessed by the shadow of noose
    Take away your husk
    I cannot refuse…

    Insidious grove!
    And you shall have
    your wooden scales for your very own!

    It seems to me I won’t suffer this a-waiting for…

    [Demons as gargoyles:]
    As the darkness doth ravish the light wi’ delight
    sae deceit decimateth all the devoted minds
    Chase the moribund rays of that desperate dawn
    blood-red hues
    that ye’re hunting among for the crown
    ye had ne’er had
    and probably never ye will…
    Ae hath ne’er been belonging to yer majesty!

    But… ye believe that they will
    reveal the unreal
    the forces they hold
    and the power they steal!

    Bemoan the lust of life with me!
    Bewail their gloomy destiny!

    Just beware their bicker!
    Of this ae…
    I don’t care!

    ye lay bar those wooden gates!

    Run outwards the reality!
    Over the yawning deep…

    [Both in chorus:]
    Where as ye sow so shall ye reap!

    Each one received
    swallowed and sipped
    of that holy host’
    "body" and "blood"
    wafer and vine…
    You’ll do as divine
    when yield shall arise
    when you get Eucharist!

    It seemed to me then…
    They swallowed and sipped
    instead of that holy host’
    wafer and vine
    only acorns and water…
    like in sleepy nightmare!
    All seemed to me then
    "He seems to be dead!"

    Lo! Whole vortex appears
    drawing all wicked things
    whining demons and imps
    there is nothing to seize!
    They reflowed forth again
    beating their wings in vain snarling
    no one is to blame
    but it’s true all the same!

    This bout mire before me spread forth the abyss
    so the heaven e’en seemed to be
    on the verge of tears
    Were I asked what I’d seen
    through the veil of that mist
    thick and grey one had covered swamps with its quilt
    and the silence
    dead one did howl so through my ears
    that I hardly could hear
    I should probably say
    Almost nothing I felt through that torture but pain
    but that ominous emptiness did whirl me away…
    As it seemed to me then
    far away from my corpse!
    So that night swam before me
    it turned out to be
    one in which the moon barely shone over the sea
    of that desolate gloom ‘n hardly anything was
    seen but blue marsh lights were skipping about in the swamps
    And quagmire before me spread forth the abyss…
    O’er that dark one a rather small stump
    met my sight
    sticking out from the earth
    remnant of rotten trunk
    of a tree that had grown o’er that deep long ago
    and roots spreading throughout this one
    like mighty snakes
    twisted roots reaching downwards into that bog
    as if there to quench
    their blind and desperate thirst…
    Met my sight deep
    and roots simply hanging in the air

    Behold his holy holt anon…

    But I shall be dead long before
    everything will have become clear to me…
    I have never heard such improper song
    e’en though incredible call it ye will!

    [Demons as gargoyles:]
    Call us inscrutable!
    Then all the things of that sort shall cease!
    Call ‘em incredible wood or stone…
    and bog if you please!
    Which guise do you prefer?
    Whose scales do you mean to be the chosen one?

    You had better petrify!
    Why won’t you try to deify your way?

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