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    T.I. Get Ya Shit Together текст песни

    Get Ya Shit Together

    As you can see the O.G.’s from Grand Hustle
    Done laid it down again (T.I.P. shawty)
    A man, this for all my homegirls that like to see a baller do his thing
    (Get Ya shit Together..come on)
    All the 8′s, 9′s, and dimes..I like to welcome ya’ll to the best time of ya life..ya understand that
    All the stones are real and its chrome on all the wheels..ya know
    Anything less is uncivilized

    Aye, I pull up to the club, lift both doors up
    Hopped out clean and ya hoes choose us
    Walked in the door make the show hold up
    Cause my neck and my bracelet was so froze up
    The kind of stones bitches wanna see close up
    So we dont approach them, they comin’ and approach us (yeah)
    Roll the dro up then go post up
    Look down cause that’s where its gonna go, sho nuff
    In the V.I.P. and all eyes on us
    Hoes chill, poppin’ pills, blowing dro no duff
    Whatcha say you got a man, so what
    I don’y know him, and baby he don’t know her
    I got a new phatom and my own chaffeur
    Ya think ya finna be thinking bout him, no sir (haha)
    Probably prefer to tell ya man goodnight
    And she don’t wanna know what the good life look like

    (chorus: Lil Kim)
    If you aint getting money goodnight
    I know what a broke nigga look like
    When you riding in your wheels, get ya shit together
    Boy, then diamonds aint real, get ya shit together

    Now we can ball seven days, six nights
    If that head and that pussy get right
    And match ya panties with ya bras, get ya shit together
    Come get your hair and nails done, get ya shit together

    Hey, I’m off the scene with Louis the 13th
    Chains swing to my jeans, and my T-shirt clean
    In caee you been reasearching, I’m the King
    With a style as mean as the earth seems
    Chest on ice, and my wrist on gleam
    30 karats in the ring, money ain’t no thing
    You think I’m playin’, but I ain’t joking
    The dro king, if it ain’t purple, I ain’t smoking
    Rubberband bank rolls, 50 thousand dollar cheddar knots
    Try to shine, is you out your mind, boy you better not
    I walk around with more money than you ever got
    Shrewd attitude like I never had to sell a rock
    Shawty I can get you in whatever spot
    Backstage, front row, what I got to front for
    I’m getting bored, don’t even know what I stunt for
    Got a lotta rides, what it hurts to cope one more


    To all my hot girls, if you wanna come chill
    Lets roll on chrome wheels, let me tell you what it is
    We finna throw a little party at the crib
    Where the floors tricked out and the rooms like iiillllll
    The basements cool, but the pools unreal
    Where that millionaire lives, shit remains concealled
    So pop a pill, put on your blindfold
    I’m hitting the dance floor, and grab eighty-nine more
    Let’em know we on the way, where they been trying to go
    I knew I had’em when they asked me "What kind of diamonds are those"
    Headed to the spot, pouring double shots of XO
    Play the "Love Below", ane watch’em undress slow
    Flicks on the flat screen, make’em want to "get low"
    And spit shine this dick of mine until it gets swole
    When they kick it with the king, they don’t wanna let go
    So whatcha gonna tell a nigga, when he tells ya "Let’s Go"


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