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  • RuPaul »

    RuPaul Give It One More Try текст песни

    Give It One More Try

    Writers: RuPaul/ Tom Trujillo

    There’s a cab outside,
    Should I tell him don’t bother?
    I’ll say there’s been some mistake
    And that he doesn’t have to wait
    If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be funny
    But I know that feelings have been hurt
    And that you have the final word

    October came early
    Starting to look like rain
    So what’s your hurry, baby
    They’ll always be another plane

    Give it one more try
    Right here by my side
    Leaving’s not the answer or the solution
    Give it one more try
    Let your conscience be your guide
    Right here by my side no more confusion

    Did you hear me say
    that I really love you?
    and that I always will
    Nothing can change the way I feel
    But I’m starting to question why I try to persuade you
    Cause if you don’t look me in the eyes
    How can I begin to change your mind?

    I don’t wanna blow it by
    standing in your way
    You say that you’re going
    There’s gotta be a better way

    There was a time
    When you said we’d always be together
    Said it would be you and me forever
    And there was a time
    When we didn’t think about tomorrow
    Don’t let our future end right here in sorrow

    If this is goodbye, at least I know I really tried
    I gave the best I had to offer you

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